NYE Countdown (MST) #9 Programs and Events: Band Together for Kids

As we count down to 2018 in the Mountain time zone, here are our top 10 CMNH Programs & Events:


Community members show their support when they Band Together for Kids! At Cottage Children’s Medical Center, this means two things:

  1. Wearing a free (or upgrade for $5) yellow Miracle Band from www.mymiracleband.org
  2. And/or participating in our local Band Together for Kids giving celebration at the hospital

By wearing the yellow #MiracleBand, you’re helping spread the message that local children’s hospitals rely on your support to provide life-saving care.

By coming down to the hospital on a designated day during the holidays, you demonstrate your link in helping to grow our vital healthcare services for kids. It’s a day to decorate a band, make a donation (monetary or drop off new toys) and celebrate helping kids.


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