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NYE Countdown (MST) #5 Programs and Events: Dance Marathon at UCSB

As we count down to 2018 in the Mountain time zone, here are our top 10 CMNH Programs & Events:


In only four short years, Dance Marathon at UCSB (UCSBDM) has raised more than $50,000 to help save kids’ lives at Cottage Children’s Medical Center (CCMC).

With an incredible sense of selflessness, these students pour their hearts and souls into ensuring that sick kids in our community have every fighting chance to grow up healthy. They volunteer countless hours to the cause and dedicate themselves to year-round fundraising to help provide critical treatments, healthcare services, medical equipment and charitable care at CCMC.

UCSBDM members “table” on campus, visit classrooms, residence halls, clubs and Greek life, and host events. They take on leadership roles, form committees, hold weekly meetings, and coordinate everything from catering/sponsorship, to marketing/social media, all leading up to GauchoThon, their 12-hour event where 300+ students from every edge of campus dance to make a difference.

UCSBDM provides a place for students to “belong” and find friends in a fun, sober atmosphere; benefits other nonprofits on campus by giving them a tabling opportunity to spotlight their mission during GauchoThon; and promotes the spirit of giving.

We couldn’t be more honored to have the support of this entirely student-run program!

To learn more, visit:
To register to participate, or to donate, click HERE.


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